Judges Representatives - Stephanie Laing
Email: steffielaing7@sky.com 


NAFAS Judges know the Rules

The East of England Area is fortunate to be able to offer a number of qualified Area Judges and also two National Judges.


What is Their Role?

Judges are always pleased to offer advice on Floral Art Show Schedules prior to them being finalised and printed.  With their expert knowledge of competitions. Show work and most importantly Judging criteria they can help you to achieve a schedule that will be attractive to your competitors and above all, in line with the latest Judging manual.

Why engage a Qualified Judge for Our Show?

In addition to assisting you with your show schedule, when it comes to the actual Judging they will bring their skills and knowledge gained over many years.  They will be able to award places based on the latest edition of the Competitions Manual.


Qualified Judges write comment cards for your competitors, which will help them understand why their design was placed or not. Judges are willing to speak to competitors once the Judging is complete and the show is officially open.  This enables your competitors to get personal feedback and for the Judges to encourage and praise.


How Do I Learn about Competing?

It is recommended that all competitors should purchase a copy of the NAFAS Competitions Manual, THIRD EDITION 2015.  Priced at £5 this is available from Pat South at diamondlass@icloud.com OR from  the  NAFAS Website  http://www.nafas.org.uk/product-category/educational-books-and-leaflets/

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