We thought that we would update you all on the progress of this course. We had an induction day in January and with a full class of 20 signed up we had our first class in February 2020. It was a very friendly and happy day with a mixed group of flower arrangers. Almost to our March class and then lockdown. What a disappointment.

A private facebook page was set up and 18 of the students joined. Lists of requirements and notes for the portfolio were posted. It is so difficult to explain on paper and takes forever to write what you could say in a few minutes.
We did two months and students posted their efforts and the two tutors commented. Facebook moves so quickly and you have to trawl down so far to find the information that was there yesterday. Sadly we abandoned this idea.

Students are posting their arrangements on facebook and most are enthusiastic and we can’t wait to return to the classroom. We all admire their efforts in this difficult time and they are definitely improving and we are getting some pretty arrangements of garden plant material and a few bought flowers.

Some took the time to share fun Easter designs and also the wreath in support of the NHS. Well done all of you.

We are about to embark on the latest idea which is following a website teachyourself.uk set up for just this occasion where students can work at their own pace. This website follows the contents of the course, although not in the order that we were going to do, but nonetheless the end results will be the same. When we start again in January 2021 the students will have a better understanding and portfolio work will have been commenced.

We don’t think that the website is a complete substitute for being in a class with tutor help and there is also the social aspect, but for us it will fill the gap. Going into the future we are going to continue to use teachyourself.uk as it will be so helpful for both teachers and students. We may tweak it a bit but it does lessen our workload and gives students the opportunity to have the information in advance.

Perhaps others interested could have a look and maybe, for those that have difficulty in attending classes for various reasons, this could help them to get started in flower arranging.


Happy summer and stay safe.